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Would you like to increase public exposure of the property you have for sale or rent by owner?  The Internet is the modern means of promoting and selling all kinds of goods and services —  this includes Real Estate.

An option is now available for you to advertise your Greenfield Village property, be it a Park Model or RV Lot on the internet for a very nominal cost.  I will provide an internet ad for you on my website, with a nice street front picture and a full description of your property along with a picture slideshow of the inside and outside of your home.  Your property will be displayed on an easily accessible website that specializes in For Sale or Rent by Owner of your Greenfield property.  This service also includes a special card put placed in a special window down by the post office with your description, price and contact information that will be kept up to date with changes that are needed. You will not have to worry about the information on the card fading and not being seen!  I do the advertising for you every week! THE BEST WAY TO BUY SELL OR RENT YOUR PROPERTY! 

This site was designed to advertise for Private Owner’s of Greenfield Village Resort. If you have any problems navigating through the site, please feel free to call me,  I will be happy to walk you through the navigation process to help make your experience easier!   If  at any time, you  notice a problem with the website, please call me right away and let me know — it is important for me to get it corrected as quickly as possible!

If you are looking for something to buy or rent and have any questions about the “advertisements” on the website, please call the property owner listed on the ad.  They will be more than happy to answer any questions and give you more information about their property!

Share this information with your friends! If they would like to receive updates from me I will be happy to add them to my email “UPDATE & CHANGES”  list….then they will be the first to know about new updates & changes!

 To learn more about the cost of advertising your property click on Pricing.   To learn how you can place your ad contact:

Debbie Boyer at 480-636-0665       


Website address:

Or you can download the Contract Agreement below, print it, fill it out and mail to me with your payment to the address shown.

2017 Current Agreement



This website is provided as a service to buyers, sellers, and renters of homes in Greenfield Village RV Resort. The content of this website is for advertising purposes only. The website owner is not offering any of the advertised properties for sale. He/she is advertising ONLY. Property owners are solely responsible for the accuracy of the information provided, and you must verify whether all such information is correct. This is between the owner and the potential buyer or renter only. The website owner and Greenfield Village RV Resort have not made any investigation of the properties advertised, and are not responsible for inaccuracies or changes in advertised terms. All advertisement information is subject to change at any time. This website and its owner are not affiliated with Greenfield Village RV Resort. By entering into this website, you are agreeing to these terms.

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